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September 16-18, 2024 | Rome, Italy

FAT 2022

Peng Sun, Speaker at Food Chemistry Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Peng Sun, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

We aimed to determine the effects of dietary supplementation with galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) on the growth performance, serum parameters, and the rumen microbial colonization and fermentation of pre-weaning dairy calves. The study comprised two phases of 28 days and 42 days, [....] » Read More

Mark Woolfe, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Mark Woolfe, Secretary of the Food Authenticity Network, United Kingdom

Food fraud is as old as the beginnings of trade in food, and today it is regarded as major problem to global food integrity.  As there is no legal definition, this can be a hurdle in its prevention and the ability to take legal enforcement action. There many challenges in tr [....] » Read More

D Esposito Lourdes, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Keynote Presentation
D Esposito Lourdes, Administración Nacional de Medicamentos, Argentina

Argentina has a National Food Surveillance System that contributes to the prevention and control of new food incidents. As it is a federal country, the control of food safety is based on the coordination between the agencies responsible for applying the Argentine Food Code at mun [....] » Read More

T B S Rajput, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Keynote Presentation
T B S Rajput, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), India

Drip irrigation system is the most efficient water application method as it minimizes different water losses in conveyance, evaporation, percolation and runoff. Scheduling of irrigation and fertigation in drip irrigation system depends on several parameters including, drip system [....] » Read More

Jagadis Chandra Tarafdar, Speaker at Food Chemistry Conferences
Oral Presentation
Jagadis Chandra Tarafdar, ICAR - Central Arid Zone Research Institute, India

Nanoparticles of plant use can be synthesized through biological means to enhance plant productivity, nutrient use efficiency, stress management, soil health management and environmental protection. Application of bio-nanofertilizers in agriculture may serve as an opportunity to [....] » Read More

Isabel Fernandez, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Isabel Fernandez, Heura Foods, Spain

We report on novel structured food colloids for emerging applications in designing healthy foods of the future. Water-in-water emulsions comprising colloidal suspensions of microgel particles have been recently created from plant polysaccharides via physical and enzymatic-induced [....] » Read More

Hebe Fernandez, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Hebe Fernandez, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina

In poultry production, the composition of the diet directly influences the meat quality of birds. The ultimate goal is to obtain a functional food with direct benefits for the consumer. In this sense, it is highlighted the use of different sources that provide high levels of omeg [....] » Read More

Vasudeva Singh, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Vasudeva Singh, Gauhati University, India

Production of cereals in World is around 2600 million tonnes (MT) and India produces around 280 MT as on 2018-19. 750 MT of paddy rice is produced in World and India produces around 160 MT. From this, ~10% (16 MT) goes for the production of rice products like rice flakes, expande [....] » Read More

Nerlita Masajo Manalili, Speaker at Food Technology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Nerlita Masajo Manalili, Nexus Agribusiness Solutions, Philippines

Investing in food science and technology education is a crucial step towards sustainable development and innovation in food systems of developing economies. This is the very premise of the Asian - European International Master’s Program on Food Science–Agro Food Indus [....] » Read More

Habiba Hassan Wassef, Speaker at Food Chemistry Conferences
Oral Presentation
Habiba Hassan Wassef, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt

The presentation builds on the premise that Africa will not be able to realize the policy decision to rely more on its own locally produced nutrient rich food resources in the fight against poverty and food insecurity, without an active contribution of the food processing industr [....] » Read More

Ravi Teja Mandapaka, Speaker at Food Technology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Ravi Teja Mandapaka, National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management, India

Food safety is nothing but utilizing various resources in order to ensure that all types of foods are properly started, prepared and preserved. Hence, they are safe for consumption. Internal auditing should be conducted on a repeated to make external auditing a smooth-running pro [....] » Read More

Mehran Miroliaei, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Mehran Miroliaei, University of Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Given the prevalence of diabetes and the increasing number of diabetics, it is essential to find more effective medicines to decrease the chronic complications of diabetes. Several studies have demonstrated that uncontrolled hyperglycemia and its complications are directly relate [....] » Read More

Hiroko Seki, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Hiroko Seki, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan

Pork is cut, cured in salt, filled, and smoked to make ham that contains many umami ingredients. The main umami components of ham are glutamic acid (Glu) and inosinic acid (IMP). IMP is produced by the breakdown of ATP in the muscles. Over time, IMP is degraded by inosinic acid d [....] » Read More

Yoav Banitt, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Yoav Banitt, FarmerJoe Bot, Robotic Perception, Israel

Farming is often not profitable. This absurd reality can sometimes results even with abandonment of agricultural land. One promising solution to this problem is the use of autonomous robotics to reduce operational costs. Reducing involvement of operators can reduce labor costs, r [....] » Read More

Elena Grigorieva, Speaker at Food Technology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Elena Grigorieva, ICARP FEB RAS, Russian Federation

The impact of climate change is global. Although climate change has been recognized by many scholars, the influencing factors and consequences of climate change is still unclear. In addition, the growing food imbalance between countries inevitably increases water pressure. Curren [....] » Read More

Mark F DeSantis, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Mark F DeSantis, Bloomfield Robotics & Carnegie Mellon University, United States

Since the dawn of agriculture, crop monitoring and inspection remains a mainstay of every farmer’s routine. Today, many farmers visually inspect their crops armed with a variety of tools to help ensure ideal plant health and performance. Although human visual inspection rem [....] » Read More

Surendra Singh, Speaker at Food Technology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Surendra Singh, Banaras Hindu University, India

Soils are vital to human health because they support both quantity and quality of food and feed production that is essential for human consumption. Intensification of agriculture through advances in agricultural technology and increasing food demand for an ever growing population [....] » Read More

David Gally, Speaker at Food Chemistry Conferences
Keynote Presentation
David Gally, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Foodborne pathogens continue to be a major threat to human health and threaten the viability of particular foods and major outbreaks have profound economic and social consequences.  At Food Standards Scotland (FSS), we work with academic, commercial and public health partner [....] » Read More

Raquel B Gomez Coca, Speaker at Food Technology Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Raquel B Gomez Coca, Instituto de la Grasa CSIC, Spain

Mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOH) are complex mixtures derived from crude oil. From the analytical point of view, MOH can be separated in mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH), and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH). MOSH consist of linear and branched alkanes and alkyl-su [....] » Read More

Suriyavathana Muthukrishnan, Speaker at Food Chemistry Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Suriyavathana Muthukrishnan, Periyar University, India

Medicinal plants or their extracts have been used by humans since time immemorial for different ailments and have provided valuable drugs. In recent years, nanotechnology research is emerging as cutting edge technology interdisciplinary with physics, chemistry, biology, material [....] » Read More

Viktor Fedorovich Stukach, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Viktor Fedorovich Stukach, Omsk State Agrarian University, Russian Federation

Research paper considers the effectiveness of establishing an integrated structure of the restaurant and catering industry in megacities to overcome the consequences of the pandemic. Centralized food supply to kindergartens, schools, hospitals, social institutions, etc. helps to [....] » Read More

Shashi Bhushan Vemuri, Speaker at Food Technology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Shashi Bhushan Vemuri, Food Hygiene Bureau of Jamaica, Jamaica

As the world population continues to grow, much more effort and innovation will be urgently needed in order to sustainably increase agricultural production, improve the global supply chain, decrease food losses and waste, and ensure that all who are suffering from hunger and maln [....] » Read More

Pierina Visciano, Speaker at Food Technology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Pierina Visciano, University of Teramo, Italy

The storage of fish at the temperature of melting ice is strongly recommended, if not possible onboard vessels, immediately after capture and throughout the supply chain. However, time/temperature abuse conditions can always occur and the potential for histamine formation in high [....] » Read More

Davide Odelli, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Davide Odelli, Universidade Federal de Vicosa (UFV), Brazil

The consumer’s increasing awareness of healthy and sustainable food products have recently enhanced the demand for plant-based proteins as food ingredients worldwide. Pea protein isolate (PPI) is extracted from Pisum sativum, which is the European most cultivated protein so [....] » Read More

Etchu Kingsley Agbor, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Etchu Kingsley Agbor, Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD), Cameroon

The prices of broiler feed have been escalating, thereby reducing the viability of the poultry industry in Cameroon. This  study  was  carried  out  to  determine  the  effects  of  varying levels of Moringa  oleifera  l [....] » Read More

Jolly Rajat, Speaker at Food Technology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Jolly Rajat, Pwani University, Kenya

The Kenyan coastal forests in Kilifi have been preserved as Kaya forests under the management of local communities. Eleven (11) out of the more than 50 Kaya forests have been gazetted as national heritage sites. The diversified vegetation in these forests has fulfilled the liveli [....] » Read More

Krishan Kant Tyagi, Speaker at Food Chemistry Conferences
Oral Presentation
Krishan Kant Tyagi, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, India

India is a vast agrarian country having geographical area of 329 million hectares. It is divided into 28 States and 08 Union Territories (UTs are administered by the President through an Administrator appointed by him/her). These comprise of 750 Districts and a total of 628,221 & [....] » Read More

Narender K Sankhyan, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Narender K Sankhyan, CSK, HP Agricultural University, India

A diverse range of nutrients is required for a healthy and active human life. Good nutrition, or correct food consumption as per the body's nutritional needs, is essential to provide these nutrients. Nutritional quality has been overlooked in the pursuit of a single-minded go [....] » Read More

Raj Paul Sharma, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Raj Paul Sharma, CSK HP Agricultural University, India

The ever-increasing population and shrinking natural resource base have posed a major challenge for agriculture across the globe to ensure food security while adopting sustainable and efficient agriculture. Nutrient management plays a pivotal role in sustaining crop productivity. [....] » Read More

Pardeep Kumar, Speaker at Food Chemistry Conferences
Oral Presentation
Pardeep Kumar, CSK, HP Agricultural University, India

Agriculture, with its associated sectors, is the principal source of livelihood in the North-West Himalayan (NWH) region of India. However, only 15% of the farming community is producing enough food to make their ends meet. Studies of NWH region depict the deficient status of dif [....] » Read More

Darius Sargautis, Speaker at Food Chemistry Conferences
Oral Presentation
Darius Sargautis, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Latvia

Oats are famous within the crops as containing relatively high protein content. In addition, the nutritional value of oat protein is one of best when comparing it among the commercially available crops. As for now, there was little known about the commercially available highly co [....] » Read More

Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Speaker at Food Technology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Sanjay Kumar Sharma, CSK HP Agricultural University, India

Food security is the prime issue across the globe for feeding ever-growing population coupled with shrinking natural resource base. The continuous diversion of already limited cultivated area under the plough, particularly in North-Western Himalayan region towards other developme [....] » Read More

Diana Catalina Castro Rodriguez, Speaker at Food Chemistry Conferences
Oral Presentation
Diana Catalina Castro Rodriguez, National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubiran, Mexico

It consists of basic concepts about the origin of the microbiota, how it is modified by maternal nutrition, the effects on offspring development, and possible interventions using functional foods, mainly probiotics as alternatives to prevent or improve the negative effects of poo [....] » Read More

Nemanja Teslic, Speaker at Food Chemistry Conferences
Poster Presentation
Nemanja Teslic, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

By-products of raspberry seeds fruit processing industry are rich in bioactive compounds. Ellagic acid (EA) is a polyphenol naturally present in raspberry seeds which has antioxidant, hepatoprotective, antimicrobial, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory activity, among other inte [....] » Read More

Marco Iammarino, Speaker at Food Chemistry Conferences
Poster Presentation
Marco Iammarino, Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Puglia e della Basilicata, Italy

Nitrate is a natural compound that accumulates in leafy vegetables. High levels of nitrate and nitrite in food can cause some health effects such as methaemoglobinemia and gastric cancer. Thus, the European Regulation No. 1881/2006 established maximum limits for nitrate levels in [....] » Read More

Alma Vazquez Luna, Speaker at Food Technology Conferences
Poster Presentation
Alma Vazquez Luna, Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico

At present, the consumption of foods that can supply the consumption of meat has increased. This is due to the environmental impact caused by its production, as well as the damage to health that has been reported in recent studies. Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd) a plant native [....] » Read More

Rosa N Chavez Jauregui, Speaker at Food Chemistry Conferences
Poster Presentation
Rosa N Chavez Jauregui, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez, United States

Plantains (Musa paradisiaca L.) are an economically important crop in tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world. Plantains are a staple food in Puerto Rico, they are consumed in many traditional dishes such as mofongo, tostones, and platanutres. Starch is the main compon [....] » Read More