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Jolly Rajat

Jolly Rajat, Speaker at Food Technology Conferences
Jolly Rajat
Pwani University, Kenya


Dr. Jolly Rajat studied Masters in Botany from India at Patna University and graduated in 1999. She did her bachelors in Education 2002. She got her Ph.D from Pwani University, Kenya in 2020. She did the first survey to document ethno-botanical knowledge in communities around sacred African forest of Kaya Kauma and Tsolokero. She studied the biodiversity of these forests and documentation of entire useful flora which aids the communities to sustain their livelihood. She also validated herbal species in use with the communities to demonstrate the efficacy of these plants against common bacteria. She has published 9 research papers. She works as a part time lecturer in the department of Environmental Science in Pwani University in Kilifi, Kenya. She emerges as the first Indian expatriate in Kenya to have successfully attained the degree of Philosophy.