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Raquel B Gomez Coca

Raquel B Gomez Coca, Speaker at Food Technology Conferences
Raquel B Gomez Coca
Instituto de la Grasa CSIC, Spain


Dr. Gómez-Coca studied Pharmacy at the University of Sevilla, Spain. She then got her European Doctor Degree by doing the experimental part of her PhD work at the University of Basel, Switzerland. After one year postdoctoral stay in the same institution she got a three years postdoctoral fellowship at the Spanish National Research Council, where she is still working. One of her main lines of work is the development of methods of analysis for olive oil fraud detection. She is also focused on the analysis of contaminants (3MCPD-glycidol, MOAH-MOAH) in edible oils and fats. Additionally, she lectures master’s degree students at Universidad Pablo Olavide, in Sevilla and participates on a periodic bases on a number of dissemination sessions.