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FAT 2022

Rosa N Chavez Jauregui

Rosa N Chavez Jauregui, Speaker at Food Science Congress 2022
University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez, United States
Title : Development of extruded ready-to-eat snack based on unripe plantain flour and corn grits


Plantains (Musa paradisiaca L.) are an economically important crop in tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world. Plantains are a staple food in Puerto Rico, they are consumed in many traditional dishes such as mofongo, tostones, and platanutres. Starch is the main component of their carbohydrate content. Plantains, a non-grain starch staple can be used as an ingredient or processing aid in the food industry. Post-harvest preservation is required for plantain crops because of their high perishability and fast deterioration. Extrusion is a pressure-cooking system at high temperatures, which can serve as a fast and versatile method of processing foods into ready-to-eat snacks. This study aimed to develop a ready-to-eat snack based on unripe plantain flour (87.5%) and corn grits (12.5%) using extrusion cooking to offer a new product in the local market. Unripe plantains (ripening stages 1 to 3) from the Maiden cultivar were processed into flour. The extrusion was optimized by response surface methodology (RSM). A single screw laboratory extruder with a compression ratio of 4:1 was used. A central composite rotatable design was used, where the independent variables examined were feed moisture (11% to 15%) and temperature of the barrel central zone (140°C to 160°C). Process variables such as screw speed and die diameter were kept constant at 200 rpm and 3 mm, respectively. The dependent variables examined were expansion ratio, density, shear strength, and shear stress. A sensory evaluation was carried out using a hedonic scale of nine points. The panelists evaluated attributes of general acceptance, texture, and taste. The highest expansion ratio (3.89 ? 0.28) and lowest density (0.211 mg?mm-3 ? 0.03) were obtained at the feed moisture content of 13% and central zone temperature of 150°C. Thus, the product obtained under these conditions had a maximum expansion ratio, an appropriate texture, and good acceptance.


Dr. Rosa N. Chávez Jáuregui is a professor at the Department of Agroenvironmental Sciences and the Food Science and Technology Program at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. Dr. Chávez received her Ph.D. and MS degrees in Food Science and Food Technology at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently, her laboratory is researching the physical, chemical, functional, morphological, and structural characterization of flours and starches from plantain, tubers, and roots. Dr. Chávez has worked in the following research areas: antioxidant stability and assessment, postharvest of fruits, extrusion process, and value-added products.