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Davide Odelli

Davide Odelli, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Universidade Federal de Vicosa (UFV), Brazil
Title : Modification processes of pea protein isolates (PPI) for the development of functional colloidal systems.


The consumer’s increasing awareness of healthy and sustainable food products have recently enhanced the demand for plant-based proteins as food ingredients worldwide. Pea protein isolate (PPI) is extracted from Pisum sativum, which is the European most cultivated protein source, and it is employed in the food industry as a functional ingredient thanks to  its gelation and emulsifying properties. Pea proteins are being considered as a valid alternative to animal proteins and have been consequently used to increment the offer of vegetarian and vegan food products. Moreover, they are also preferred to soy proteins since manifest lesser allergic reactions when added into food formulations. Since many food products come as a colloidal system  i.e. foams or emulsions, emulsification and foaming are two main functionalities provided by proteins when used as ingredients. However, due to their large and compact structure, PPI physicochemical properties are limited, thus compromising their employment. Different methods such as hydrolysis, ultrasound treatment and biopolymer interactions were explored to improve PPI functional properties. In this presentation, the results of these modification processes for the development of different colloidal systems are here presented and discussed. In particular, the interaction of pea proteins with fish skin gelatin has been evaluated as possible method to increase foaming properties of a solution as well provide a sustainable use for a food industry by-product. On the other side, by playing on the ionic strengths and hydrolysis process, we demonstrate that the viscosity and interfacial properties are affected, giving the possibility to tailored new beverage products. Finally, the complexation of pea protein with the polysaccharide glucomannan, recognized to have weight management properties, was explored, opening the possibility to develop high protein rich beverages and weight management foods. 


Mr Davide Odelli studied at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Piacenza, Italia and graduated as MSc. in 2020. He then started a PhD program at the research group of Prof. Antonio Fernandes de Carvalho at the Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil (UFV). His research topic is mainly focused on the role of plant-based hydrocolloids in stabilizing different colloidal systems. In 2021 he moved to Technical University of Denmark (DTU) as Guest Ph.D. student started an ongoing scientific collaboration with prof. Federico Casanova at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.