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Viktor Fedorovich Stukach

Viktor Fedorovich Stukach, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Omsk State Agrarian University, Russian Federation
Title : Industrial concept of megacitys food aid infrastructure formation in the conditions of overcoming the consequences of pandemic


Research paper considers the effectiveness of establishing an integrated structure of the restaurant and catering industry in megacities to overcome the consequences of the pandemic. Centralized food supply to kindergartens, schools, hospitals, social institutions, etc. helps to overcome the consequences of the pandemic more efficiently. Centralization and scaling food production (18-20% of the total consumption in the region) allows implementation of innovative technologies, more efficient resource consumption, ensuring food security, sanitary and technological control as well as efficient use of production capacity. The purpose of the paper is to design the concept of developing regional infrastructural institutions for providing domestic food aid to overcome the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic. Establishment of a production and technological center as part of proposed infrastructural institutions implemented on the basis of public-private partnership will allow synchronizing efforts and resources at all stages of food production for socially vulnerable groups of population.


Victor Stukach received a diploma in agricultural economics from the Omsk Agricultural Institute in 1969. In 1998 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences. Since 2000, he has been working as a professor at the Department of Management and Marketing of the Omsk Agrarian University (Russia). He created a scientific school "Problems of development of the infrastructural agro-industrial complex of the Siberian region", prepared 44 candidates and doctors of science. He has 60 monographs and textbooks. Among them: foresight research in the field of strategic management; transaction costs; informal institutions, organizational behavior, cultural code of the population. He has the honorary title of Honored Worker of the Higher School of Russia. The Chamber of Science and Production of the European Commission awarded Professor V. F. Stukach with the Gold Medal for the results of original research on infrastructure