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Ravi Teja Mandapaka

Ravi Teja Mandapaka, Speaker at Food Technology Conferences
National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management, India
Title : Food wastage and disorganized management - A new age concern


Food safety is nothing but utilizing various resources in order to ensure that all types of foods are properly started, prepared and preserved. Hence, they are safe for consumption. Internal auditing should be conducted on a repeated to make external auditing a smooth-running process. The priority should lie in maximizing food sales, and giving away or selling foods past their prime involved risks that may undermine sales. Times have moved on towards reaching perfection with technology being updated almost every passing hour in the twenty-four. Food wastage, in more than a certain method is gripping problem in the rising scientific scenario. In fact, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) admits, wastage of food has become a perilous question and an issue in our society affecting both poor and rich nations. Food wasting also means wasting “the time and energy” of producing and procuring food, our natural resources and the available land for agriculture. It has a very big and deep and everlasting impact on the economics of a nation affecting the overall greenhouse gas emission. Our focus in this review paper is to create social awareness by reducing food wastage and recycling wasted food wasted through embedded systems.


Ravi Teja Mandapaka is a ‘Lean Six Sigma’ professional based out of Hyderabad, India. He holds a Master of Science degree in Foods & Nutritional Sciences, and proved himself as a competitive researcher and has presented his works in various national and international conferences. In over eight years of professional life, Ravi has written exclusively on science and sports in media, corporate and academia.