Paris, France
September 30 - October 2, 2021

Tetyana Kalna-Dubinyuk

Committee Member  for Food Conferences 2021 - Tetyana Kalna-Dubinyuk
Tetyana Kalna-Dubinyuk
University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine,Ukraine


Tetyana Kalna-Dubinyuk, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of Extension and Tourism Department, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Expert Advisor of Ukraine in economic and mathematical modeling, organization consulting education, management consulting and information services, member of GCHERA, AIAEE, ESEE, participant of the Fulbright program, USA (2000- 2001), develops a scientific school on agricultural advisory systems, studies the application of economic and mathematical methods in the formulation of recommendations and their optimization, develops interactive consulting systems in advisory services, develops an electronic advisory system e-Dorada  in Ukraine for the dissemination of agricultural knowledge and information, provides trainings for trainers.