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September 12-13, 2022 | Online Event
FAT 2022

Widad Sobhi

Widad Sobhi, Speaker at Food Science conferences 2022
Widad Sobhi
Ferhat Abbas Sétif-1 University, National Center for Research in Biotechnology, Algeria


Dr Widad Sobhi, began her academic career by studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and she defended her Magister thesis in 2000 in Biochemistry-Microbiology at Abderrahmane Mira University, Béjaia, Algeria. In 2014, she defended a doctoral thesis in sciences and joined the team of Pr Mustapha Benboubetra at Ferhat Abbas University. She has been providing teaching and university training at the university since the end of 2000 and she leads a research team: immuno-biochemistry at Ferhat Abbas Sétif-1 University. In July 2017, she joined as an associate researcher the National Center for Biotechnology Research (CRBt), Constantine, Algeria where she has so far led a research project on diabetes.

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