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September 16-18, 2024 | Rome, Italy
FAT 2023

Robert Mancini

Robert Mancini, Speaker at Food Science Conference
Roquette Canada, Canada
Title : Innovative solutions in food safety training


The importance of training food handlers is critical to effective food hygiene; however, there have been limited studies on the effectiveness of such training. Food safety training courses are administered worldwide in attempts to reduce outbreaks in food service, retail and temporary food service establishments. However, food handlers often exhibit a poor understanding of microbial or chemical contamination of food and the measures necessary to correct them. Studies suggest that the provision of a hands-on format of training embedded in behavioral sciences would be more beneficial than traditional classroom-based programs. The delivery of such a program will assist in changing ones’ food safety behaviors and aid in the retention of knowledge that are necessary to reduce the incidence of foodborne illness. I will discuss a new innovative approach to food safety training that is hands-on, interactive and heavily rooted in the behavioral sciences. The talk will also cover innovative solutions to increase food safety retention and behavioral change for foodservice workers including proven scientific methods in learning and development such as the “spacing effect”. 


Rob Mancini has vast experience and knowledge in the field of food safety, with specific emphasis on alternate modes of food safety training and behavior science. . Rob has more than 20 years’ experience in Regulatory Compliance and as a Certified Public Health Inspector. In Canada, he provided expert advice on revisions made to the Canadian Food Retail and Food Services Code and Federal/Provincial/Territorial National Guidelines for Food Safety Training. Rob hosted and provided research for the television series “Kitchen Crimes” for Food Network Canada, H.G.T.V. (U.S.) and Discovery Asia. He has provided expert opinion on food safety for varying levels of Government in Canada. He currently holds a Master’s Degree in Food Safety, is a FSSC and 9001 Lead Auditor. Currently working as the Internal Audit Manager for Roquette.