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Viktor Fedorovich Stukach

Viktor Fedorovich Stukach, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Omsk State Agrarian University, Russian Federation
Title : The potential of university science in the food supply of the region: Content analysis of assets, responses to the challenges of the time


The socio-political turbulence of world economic relations has determined new challenges. The situation in food supply has changed, the problem of social nutrition of vulnerable categories of the population has become more urgent.

In the context of responding to the challenges of the time, new tasks of agrarian universities have appeared in the scientific support of the system of production, processing and distribution of food; training of specialists of new generation. The presentation is an applied study in which the goal is to study the possibility of using the information of scientometric databases to assess the interest shown by consumers (readers) in the scientific products of the scientific school of the Agrarian University. Such an assessment will make it possible to make a decision on the use of available assets to respond to the challenges of the time. The assets available to the team include completed scientific developments, publications based on the materials of 40 defended dissertations, 38 monographs, 18 textbooks and manuals for the period of operation of the school.

By the method of content analysis of the resources of the open archive of the Munich Library (the base of the RePEc.org) and the Russian national electronic library Elibrary, parameters are identified by which it is possible to judge the demand for the work of members of the scientific school. Publications that aroused the greatest interest, having a prospect for development among domestic and international consumers of information, identified sensitive areas for the region The task of determining priorities in the scientific provision of the food complex of the region in the conditions of socio-political turbulence of society is being solved.

The object of observation, the scientific school "Problems of developing the infrastructure of the agro-industrial complex of the Siberian region" of the Omsk Agrarian University. The school in different years employs 31-35 people, of which 8 are representatives of foreign universities, heads of business structures.

Working hypothesis: on the basis of measurement and evaluation of the assets available to the creative team, to identify by quantitative methods the relevance of research of the scientific school, to determine priorities in scientific support for the needs of the region.

In the open archive of the Munich Library (RePEc.org database) for the period from 2012 to 01-09-2022, 68 works of the authors of the school were published. The reader (consumer of information in this archive) is international. As a measure, interest in the topic, or in the way of solving a specific problem by the method of content analysis, was studied as a measure. A typical reaction of the consumer of information (reader) to the array of scientific publications may be as follows: do not react, abstract familiarization, download. Access to the list of works of the scientific school is free. The summary table shows the number of references to the texts of the works of the participants of the school in the RePEc system as of 01-09-2022

Based on the needs of the real sector in the scientific products of scientific schools, it becomes possible to take targeted measures for scientific and personnel support for the functioning of the socio-economic on a regional scale.

A systematic approach, within the competence of an agrarian university, involves development in the following areas:

- solving the problems of the region through the scientific and educational process, practice-oriented training; providing the region with specialists of a new generation in the conditions of practice-oriented training with the maximum participation of the business community; the scenery of the future, the possession of methods of influencing organizational behavior, the cultural code of populations in the conditions of digital transformation of processes, etc. become important;

- conducting research aimed at ensuring food security in the region and combating poverty; introduction of resource-saving technologies to stimulate the restoration of "abandoned" and degraded lands as a resource for the production of environmentally friendly food to socially vulnerable categories of the population with state support tools:

- cost management, reduction of transaction costs, overcoming market barriers, infrastructure development, creation of a network of industrial and logistics enterprises, centrally purchasing raw materials from local producers, and supplying consumers in the form of packaged ready meals, or semi-finished products of a high degree of readiness.

Thus, the working hypothesis about the potential of university science in the food supply of the region, the directions of work in the framework of responding to the challenges of the time, is justified.

Keywords: scientific school of Professor Viktor Stukach, answers to the challenges of the time, content analysis, demand by the real sector of the economy for scientific products of scientific schools.


Victor Stukach received a diploma in agricultural economics from the Omsk Agricultural Institute in 1969. In 1998 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences. Since 2000, he has been working as a professor at the Department of Management and Marketing of the Omsk Agrarian University (Russia). He created a scientific school "Problems of development of the infrastructural agro-industrial complex of the Siberian region", prepared 44 candidates and doctors of science. He has 60 monographs and textbooks. Among them: foresight research in the field of strategic management; transaction costs; informal institutions, organizational behavior, cultural code of the population. He has the honorary title of Honored Worker of the Higher School of Russia. The Chamber of Science and Production of the European Commission awarded Professor V. F. Stukach with the Gold Medal for the results of original research on infrastructure