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Teresa Gladys Ceron Carrillo

Teresa Gladys Ceron Carrillo, Speaker at Food Science Congress
Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico
Title : Sensory evaluation and characterization of supplemented pasta with carrot pomace


Mexico generates 120,128 tons of garbage per day, from which 46.42% are organic waste. It is well-known that juice bars produce thousands of kilos of pomace which represents a serious pollution problem and a lack of exploitation of nutrients and of course a loss of additional income. It also presents several benefits such as, high content of dietary fiber, minerals, carotenoids and protein which made it a functional ingredient that helps inhibit cancer, it’s a good radical scavenger and also anti-mutagenic and inmuno-enhancer.Food consumer’s trends force the industry to produce minimally processed food with nutritional and nutraceutical properties. Hence, carrot pomace is an alternative to incorporate it in foods consumed by most of the population such as pasta.The objective of the research was to formulate a paste with wheat flour and carrot bagasse, to increase the content of soluble fiber and vitamin A, as well as give added value to the organic waste of juice stores. It was divided into two stages, in stage one, the collection and obtaining of carrot bagasse flour was carried out, in stage two the three proposed formulations identified as control samples, F1, F2, were evaluated, the variables were concentration of carrot flour wheat and carrot bagasse, the pasta was cooked at 230°C for 15 min. A sensory evaluation was also carried out by 22 untrained panelists, with an age range of 21-60 years through a 7-point hedonic scale, the attributes evaluated were color, smell, taste, texture and general acceptability.The results of the sensory evaluation tests were analyzed and interpreted with the one-way ANOVA method and Tukey's test. The results indicate that the formulation with 48.27% of wheat flour, 20.68% of carrot bagasse, 27.58% of egg and 3.44% of water, presented higher levels of acceptability and with this a substitution of wheat flour was achieved in 20%. %, as well as an increase in fiber in the pasta compared to other commercial pasta.


Teresa Ceron studied Food Science at University of the Americas Puebla, México an graduated as MS in 2008. She worked in University of the Sea in Oaxaca at which joined the Food Innovation investigation group. She received her PhD degree in 2014 at the same institution working with the research project entitled “Pulsed electric field pre-treatment evaluation in different extraction methods over the chemicals characteristic and yield of three pepper species”. She obtained the position of Full time professor in the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla in the same year. She has worked in several research projects focused in decrease food waste through sustainable food innovation.