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Sief Eldin A Mohammed

Sief Eldin A Mohammed, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Environment & Natural Resources and Desertification Institutute, Sudan
Title : Documented experience on natruceutical and bioactive substances of Sudanese honey


Sudan is a tremendous country wih high divesificatin of climate, vegetation, biota, as well as norms & cultural inheritage. Beekeeping and honey traditional practitioning are well recognized everywhere in the countrysides. This presentation focusses on what have been acheived during past two decades in honey research considering isolation, identification and functional properties of molecules that render honey its medicinal and naturaceuticat values.

Honeybees forage on numerous plants and gather nectar, pollen and resins from them, however, our experience focussed on honey from Acacias, Ziziphus, Sun flower, and Cucurbits. Protein profiles of honey from these plants revealed many functional proteins/peptides and detected some novel ones. Among which we identified are a glycoprotein with antigiardial activity. Also an other protein with 62 kDa was detected with high antioxidant capacity. further characterization indicated presence of apialbumins and major royal jelly proteins (mrjp) particularly mrjp3 in these honeys. Othe experiments proved also the crude Sudanese honey potentials as antiamoeba, antigiardia, antifungal and antibacterial. The results were comparable with some standard antibiotics and have low cell line cytotoxicity.

An other clinical experiments conducted on children (> 1 year), resuts of both summer and winter honeys showed effectiveness to contol acute infant diarrhea as compared to oral rehydration syrup (ORS). Also documented experiment of feeding infats (1- 3 years) with honey-fortified milk resulted in increased weight gain and improved hematological parameters (Hemoglobin, Red blod cells, White blood cells) indicating improvement in infant immune system. It could be concluded that honey has many naturaceutical and bioactive molecules need to be further explored by research.

Audience Take Away:

  • The audience will get information of this presentation to pick some research problems for their future projects.
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  • Faculty staff could gain new intervetions to be used to expand their research networks or teaching programs. 


Seif Eldin studied Biology at the University of Khartoum, Sudan and graduated as Bsc. & MSc. respectively, in 1993 & 1998. He then recruited as researcher in the NCR. Then he awarded fellowship for PhD in the Sudan Academy of Science (Environment, Biosciences & Advanced Technologies) in 2008. In 2009 He won TWAS-Postdoctoral Felloships in biochemistry and joined the International Center for Chemical & Biological Center (ICCBs), University of Karachi, Pakistan research group of Prof. M. Kamran Azim. He has published more than 50 research articles most of which in SI with impact factor journals.