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September 12-13, 2022 | Online Event
FAT 2018

Using civic engagement learning model to tackle serious issues in our local communities at an HBCU/HSI college

Solomon Nfor, Speaker at Food Science Congress
St. Philip’s College, United States
Title : Using civic engagement learning model to tackle serious issues in our local communities at an HBCU/HSI college


J essica’s project is a non-profit organization affiliated with the with St. Philip’s College in San Antonio, Texas. It is a civic engagement program that brings faculty, staff, and students together impact change on various topics including education into diseases associated with diet, teenage and unplanned pregnancy, the operation of community gardens, hunger banquets, educational disparities. It also has an international footprint through the building of libraries in Cameroon, and the donation of used textbooks. My talk is going to be focused on our journey as an organization and the importance of tackling important issues affecting our local communities and getting students and faculty involved. Because of their low-income status, many east side citizens resigned on healthy lifestyle as being associated with the rich and affluent. A notion we are intent to erase by the special collaborative program engineered by our team at St. Philip’s College. 1.Encourage healthy eating habits through lunch and learn workshops at the garden or various nutrition programs hosted by the churches. 2.Educate the community on related diseases through active research by students and poster presentation. 3.Encourage a culture of giving even when you think you don’t have. 4.Increase routine medical check ups for adult and teenagers by hosting wellness week on campus with free medical check up. 5.Increase our college’s footprint internationally.


Dr. Nfor has a PhD in higher education and administration from University of the Incarnate Word, and two master’s degrees in Biotechnology (University of Texas at San Antonio) and Zoology (University of Buea), he is also a nurse and a medical laboratory technologist. He is the founder and coordinator of St. Philip’s college Jessica’s Project, a civic engagement organization geared at educating students on current diseases. Founder and president of Past Present Future Africans (PPFA) Foundation, a non-profit organization that builds libraries and donates books as well as provides adult education at the libraries in Africa. Dr. Nfor is also the owner of the Kafe Kora, a fine neighborhood pub for working people in San Antonio.