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Natural compounds from grape by-products enhance nutritive value and reduce formation of CML in model muffins

Sylwia Mildner Szkudlarz, Speaker at Food Science Research Conferences
Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland
Title : Natural compounds from grape by-products enhance nutritive value and reduce formation of CML in model muffins


This study had the objective of determining the effects of the addition of different ingredients and grape byproducts to muffins on CML content. It was found that ingredients, such as salt, baking powder and proteinrich components, reduced CML from 50% to 86%. The use of all ingredients simultaneously caused the highest reduction in CML, suggesting synergistic effects in the muffin formula. Raw cane sugar produced higher amounts of CML than refined sucrose, probably due to metal-ion mediated degradation of fructoselysine. The CML content was correlated with the level of oleic acid at 0.829 and with the level of linoleic acid at 0.913. Muffins enriched with appropriate levels of grape by-products (20%) showed a lowering of the CML level and no significant changes in the sensory profile. Grape by-products added to the model system with protein rich ingredients resulted in the weakest inhibitory effects, probably due to the polyphenol–protein binding mechanism.


Sylwia Mildner-Szkudlarz has a degree in Food Technology and Human Nutrition. She completed her Ph.D at Poznan University of Life Sciences in Poland, in 2005, and her habilitation in 2015. Her scientific interests focus on designing different cereal-based product with improved functionality and superior health effects using grape wastes, as well as the influence of food processing wastes on the rheological, nutraceutical, physical and sensory properties of cereal-based product. Since 2014 she has been focused mainly on the research into regulating the level of potentially harmful Maillard and caramelization reaction products in model cereal products fortified with fruit pomace as well as gluten-free bread. She has authored numerous publications in JCR journals. She was, also, head of several national projects. She is reviewer of international scientific journals.