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Emerson Fachini

Emerson Fachini, Speaker at Food Science Conferences
Universyt of Rio Preto (UNIRP), Brazil
Title : Importance of the field and new technologies to give better and enough food


The production of food necessarily passes through the countryside, or rather through agriculture. The development of agriculture is of fundamental importance to feed the growing world population, and for this growth we need to use the land more. Some movements are criminalizing agriculture, but we need to demean this controversy. Large-scale agriculture depends on the use of the soil for it to occur, so it is impossible to imagine feeding the world, which necessarily goes through agriculture, without modifying the environment, but through technical knowledge of production and modern techniques in all areas, changes in the environment will occur, but with criteria and in a sustainable way, so that we can leave the ground to be used by future generations. With regard to technologies, it is possible to verify modified seeds, giving more vigor and resistance to some pests and diseases. Application technologies, making chemicals and fertilizers consume reaching the desired target more efficiently. Modern machines and equipment, which work almost with surgical precision, to improve operational performance in quality and quantity. However, it is possible to verify that the management of the soil, although some techniques are concerned with the subject, such as the “Direct Planting”, has been left in the background, being able to make all of the aforementioned technology unfeasible, and the development of new and expensive technologies to correct the damage caused by lack of proper soil management. The current pressure of pests, diseases and low fertility of soils, in the current context of food production, does not originate in the present day, but in some managements that were left to be carried out, due to intensive agriculture rampant that was meant to supply the world of food. New technologies “outside the gate” are very important, but we can not stop developing technologies inside the gate, especially in the management of soil and water, which could increase food production, with less use of pesticides and fertilizers. We need to develop mechanisms to improve water infiltration and improve soil life.


Graduation in Agronomy by the Federal University of Uberlândia (1994), graduation in Business Administration by the Municipal Institute of Higher Education of Bebedouro (2002), master’s degree in Agronomy (Soil Science) by the Paulista State University Júlio de Mesquita Filho (2002) and PhD in Agronomy (Irrigation and Drainage) by the Paulista State University Júlio de Mesquita Filho (2006). Worked in the USA in the fruit production process; visited the agriculture of Spain, Israel, China, USA, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Currently is a researcher - Technical Contribution for Agricultural Development (TCAD), consultant / researcher - Efirriga Agronegócio and Professor of the University Center of Rio Preto (UNIRP) ministering the disciplines of Irrigation and Drainage, Management of Hydrographic Basins, Agrometeorology and Agricultural Hydraulics. Served Professor of the University Center of Araraquara (UNIARA) ministering the disciplines of Management of Hydrographic Basins, Agrometeorology and Rural Administration; He served as President of the Regional Council for Rural Development of Barretos.