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September 12-13, 2022 | Paris, France
FAT 2018

Zar Zar Oo

Zar Zar Oo, Speaker at Speaker at FAT 2018-  Zar Zar Oo
Zar Zar Oo
Yadanabon Univeristy, Myanmar


Zar Zar Oo is an assistance lecture at the Yadanabon Univeristy.She recieved her B.Sc (qualified), M.Sc (Credit) from the Yadanabon Univesity. She completed her M.Res (credit) and ph.D (credit) in the Department of Industrial Chemistry from the University of Yangon, Myanmar. She is the author of American journal of food science and technology (2017), American Scientific Research journal for Engineering Technology and Science (2017), Engineering publication house (2017), International Journal of Development Research (2017) and International Journal of Information Research and Review (2107). She has published e-book at the Lambert Academic Publishing from Germany (2018), 6 articles, one conference paper: International Postgraduate Symposium on Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology (2107) in the domains of food science and technology.

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