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September 12-13, 2022 | Paris, France
FAT 2018

Stalis Norma Ethica

Stalis Norma Ethica, Speaker at Speaker at FAT 2018-  Stalis Norma Ethica
Stalis Norma Ethica
Indonesia Forestry Institute, Indonesia


Dr. Stalis Norma Ethica, M.Si. was born in Surabaya, in 1976. Earning Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Chemistry, and later Doctorate in Biotechnology from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia, she has both academic and industrial background. After 7 years managing industrial laboratory, she has been working as a full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences (FIKKES) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (Unimus) since 2016 and recently held a position as Head of Research Department for Indonesia Forestry Institute (IFI). She is currently running a Post-Doctoral Research 2017 Program (Program Pascadoktor) focusing on “Bioremediation of Biomedical Wastes” with grant from Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Educations (Kemenristek DIkti).