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September 12-13, 2022 | Online Event
FAT 2018

Cesar Burgos Diaz

Cesar Burgos Diaz, Speaker at Food Science Conference
Cesar Burgos Diaz
Agriaquaculture Nutritional Genomic Center (CGNA), Chile


Ph.D. Burgos-Díaz is a Researcher at CGNA-CHILE. He is a specialist in food science and technology, whose main areas of expertise are encapsulation of bioactive compounds, functional properties of plant proteins and development of emulsions for application in the food industry. He has led several research projects in the mentioned topics and the results of his work have been published in several scientific publications and book chapters. He is currently leading a research project on “Microencapsulation of astaxanthin in a new food-grade Pickering emulsion system for increasing its protection and stability”; and a project on “Developing a premium protein isolate as a functional food ingredient”