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FAT 2018

Anacleto Sosa Baldivia

Anacleto Sosa Baldivia, Speaker at Food Science Research Conferences
Anacleto Sosa Baldivia
Amway Corporation, Mexico


Anacleto Sosa-Baldivia is an Agronomist from Ticuman Morelos, Mexico. He obtained his Master degree of soil fertility from Colegio de postgraduados at Montecillos, México. He is R&D manager at Nutrilite Farm of Amway, Mexico. He is also a part time PhD student on productive biotechnology on Centro de Investigación en Biotecnología Aplicada (CIBA-IPN), at Tlaxcala, México. His work experiences included CIMMYT, INIFAP, MARBRAN Co., Pioneer seed Co., UABC, and Amway Corporation. In the last four years, he focused on the development of agronomic technology to improve the SY on the chia crop. Based on his research work, in 2018 Amway filed a patent application for the new chia variety ¨Rehnborg¨with high yield potential.