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Agustina Asri Rahmianna

Agustina Asri Rahmianna, Speaker at Food Science Research Conferences
Agustina Asri Rahmianna
Indonesian Legumes and Tuber Crops Research Institute (ILETRI), Indonesia


The author obtained her Ph.D from the Department of Natural and Rural Systems Management, Faculty of Food and Science, Univ. of Queensland, Australia in 1999. After finishing this study, she returned to Iletri based in Malang City, Indonesia, where she has been joining this institute since 1985. As a researcher, she works mostly on managing the cultural practices of peanut to increase its productivity in various agro ecological zones of Indonesia. Her interest on aflatoxin contamination in peanut was started when she joined in ACIAR Project “Reducing Aflatoxin in Peanuts Using Bio-Control and Agronomic Management Strategies in Indonesia and Australia”