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September 12-13, 2022 | Online Event
FAT 2022

Allan V Cledera

Allan V Cledera, Speaker at Food Science Congress
Allan V Cledera
United Nations University Alumni Association, Japan


Mr. Allan Cledera, is an advocate, independent consultant and conceptual author of Rural Development and Climate Smart Agriculture: Integrated Farming Systems (IFS) and Social Business. He has partners with INGOs in collaboration with local program partners such as Microfinance Institutions, rural banks, and cooperatives. He also delivers Lecturers on Micro Economics, Agro-Industrial Policy with Project Planning and Evaluation, likewise active supporter of Japanese based academic institutions with link to the Philippines on socio- economic development issues. He has conceptualized and initiated the students and farmers learning exchange between Philippines and Japan, which encourages Japanese Farmers to invest in the Philippines through direct technology or learning exchange on best agriculture practices that will eventually encourage direct or community based – mutual and fair trade in agriculture. He has over 30 years experience in Socio-economic development programs where he has established over 27 major programs in Farming, Fisheries, informal sectors, MSMEs, Cooperatives, Foundations and Microfinance Institutions.

He is also an active advocate for the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals, where he is one of the directors of the United Nations University Alumni Association-Tokyo, Japan. He has completed His Masters Degree in International Relations at the International University of Japan and advance course at the United Nations University, with course work in Master of Science in Economics at Asian Social Institute, Manila Philippines.