University of Santiago de Compostela



Forestry Engineering PhD from the Polytechnic University of Madrid since 1997, and Professor of the University of Santiago de Compostela since 1998. He has published near to 40 articles in SCI (E) journals. Quality indicators: i) Citations: 329 (WoS); ii) Average number during the last 5-years: 31.6 (WoS); iii) Publications in the first quartile: 12, and first decile: 14 (WoS); iv) h-index: 10 (WoS); v) Thesis supervised: 6; vi) Others: Six-year Research Sections: 3; Principal Project Researcher: 10; Member of the Scientific Committee and/or the Editorial Board of the following journals (JCR): Annals of Forest Research, Austrian Journal of Forest Science, Bosque, Ciência Florestal, Ciência Rural, Chapingo Journal: Forestry and Environmental, Current Forestry Reports, Forests, Journal of Forestry Research, and Wood Research.